Sulčiaspaudė citrusiniams vaisiams

Galingumo Tipas:Elektrinis
Galingumas:0.18 kW
Talpa:5-6 l
Matmenys:240x512x770 mm
Svoris:40 kg

Pagrindinė informacija

Maximum juice yield due to automatic adjustment of pressing power to different peel thicknesses. Gentle pressing with maximum precision. Quick cleaning with maximum hygiene and safety. All parts which are involved in the juice pressing can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Display functions: self-service mode by pressing the tap, intelligent stop with full peel waste container, continuous mode for pressing large quantities. Quadruple sensor with engine overheating and blockage protection. 15 oranges/min. 1 l in 60 seconds. Optimal fruit size: 50-78 mm.

Block for test util